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10 ways to keep your LUNGS Healthy

What is lung disease?

The problems that affects our lungs (the organs that allow us to breathe) negatively is called Lung Disease. This breathing disorder can prevent the body from getting enough oxygen. The different kinds of lung diseases are:

  • Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema (COPD)
  • Lung Cancer
  • >Lung infections (Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, COVID, Aspergilloma)
  • >Pulmonary fibrosis (Interstitial lung disease)

Studies show that long-time exposure to smog can have dangerous effect on the lungs. There’s are proofs that outside air pollutants contribute to lung cancers. It is very important to keep your lungs healthy and not take it for granted. The lungs keep us alive and well. So, why not prioritize your lungs health to keep yourself healthy too. Your body is also made to prevent any kind of problems affect your lungs. There are few important things to follow to decrease the chances of getting your lungs affected.


  • AVOID SMOKING : Smoking cigarette is one of the major reasons of lung cancer. Smoking can narrow the passages where air flow which makes breathing difficult. Chain smokers can risk their life by destroying the lung tissue and may increase the chances of getting lung cancer. Why not quitting smoking to avoid any problems that can affect our lungs.
  • PREVENT EXPOSING YOURSELF TO ANY INDOOR POLLUTANTS : Any kind of smoke be it passive smoking or chemicals can worsen lung disease. It is a myth that non-smokers don’t get lung cancer. Check your home or workplace regarding radon that can affect our lungs and consult your doctor if you have any issue related to lungs.
  • AVOID EXPOSURE TO AIR POLLUTION : The air quality outside can also affect your lungs and make your lungs unhealthy. Follow strategies and preventive measures that can minimize your exposure and your family members to outdoor air pollution. Natural disasters and change in the climate can also affect your lungs.
  • PREVENT INFECTION : A small problem can lead to a major problem. Consult your doctor before any risky situation. There are ways we can prevent lung infection-
  1. Wash your hands properly and use hand sanitizers. It is very important, especially during COVID-19 to keep your hands clean and healthy.
  2. Avoid visiting a crowded place, especially during cold and flu season because it is easier to get affected that time.
  3. Maintain a good oral hygiene. Keep your mouth away from all the germs and dirt. Brush your teeth twice a day and consult your dentist every 6 months.
  4. Necessary to get a vaccination every year against influenza.
  5. If you are not feeling well, avoid getting in contact with your loved ones and stop the infections from getting spread.
  • GET REGULAR HEALTH CHECK-UPS : Following regular health checkups can prevent the spread of any disease. Especially during lung related disease which can be difficult to detect in advance. During the check up, it will be helpful for you to detect any lung related issue in advance and can get them corrected beforehand.
  • STAY ACTIVE : Whether you are an adult or young, you should definitely follow an exercise routine to keep your lungs and your body healthy. Being physically active can prevent any kind of disease and improve your immune system.
  • N95 masks : Wearing a N95 masks will protect you from getting affected by any kind of air pollutants as it covers your nose and mouth.
  • Eat healthy : One of the major preventive measures is eating and following a healthy diet.
  • Install air purifiers : Install an air purifier at home. The air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality. These devices are beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing or eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke.
  • Test your home for radon : Check your home or workplace regarding radon that can affect our lungs and consult your doctor if you have any issue related to lungs.

We will not realize the importance of lung healthy until we are facing any lung related issue. The lungs provide oxygen to our body and maintain the functioning of the body. Genes, disease and environment can play important roles in keep your lungs healthy and preventing respiratory problems. The lung health affects the quality of our daily life and can shorten our life span. So, it is very important to keep our lungs healthy and safe.

Dr. Akshay Budhiraja,

Consultant - Respiratory & Sleep Medicine

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