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Play Holi Safely

Holi can be unholy for your eyes!

Holi is the festival of colours and is celebrated with great joy and fervour. Little did Tanmay (name changed) a 13 year old boy, who is also a karate black belt holder, know that the same colours which brought him great joy contain chemicals which are toxic to his eyes. A day after Holi, his mother noticed that Tanmay’s eye were getting increasingly red, painful and his vision was getting blurry. The white of his eye still had some of the purple colour which had gone inside.


Tanmays parents rushed to Aakash Healthcare where he was examined by Dr Prashaant Chaudhry and found to have a chemical burn of both eyes with the right eye affected more that the left. The surface of the right eye cornea was completely devoid of the normal protective epithelium. Initial therapy was started from which unfortunately one important medicine was missed for the first 4 days. Drops were started which contained liquid derived from his own blood. After this was started, the left eye recovered well. However the right eye showed not signs of recovery. The stem cells of the eye were too damaged to heal it.

A decision was made to apply an Amniotic membrane over the  right eye to promote healing. The next day, Tanmay felt much more comfortable, and even through the transluscent Amniotic membrane, he was seeing better. 


Over the next two weeks, the amniotic membrane protected the eye and provided it with the growth factors needed for healing. Once this was shed off, his eye had healed beautifully with no pain and much better vision. Tanmay had learnt how precious our eyes are and why we need to take special care during Holi..