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Childbirth Education FAQ: Learn about Labor & Delivery

Childbirth education classes offer you and your birthing partner a deeper understanding about labor and birthing.

Childbirth Education FAQ: Learn about Labor & Delivery

What is a childbirth education class?

Childbirth education classes offer you and your birthing partner a deeper understanding about labor and birthing. These classes cover everything about pregnancy, signs and symptoms of labour, role of partner, active birthing positions, possible interventions etc. Interactive sessions with videos, activities, breath work, visualizations and active birth positions which help to work through pain management and understand the labor process.

How will I know my labor has begun?

This is a common worry for first time mums, but there are some signs that your labor has begun. You may experience a ‘show’ when your mucous plug come out, period like pains, urine urgency, you may experience water break or leak. At Aakash birth studio we help you gain insight about labor, birthing, role of partner, possible interventions, coping with the challenges during childbirth.

Can anyone be my birth partner?

Yes, any person who is or isn’t medically trained can be your birth partner. At Aakash we give mothers the luxury to birth with their partner in birthing suite. This partner can be your spouse, mother, sister, best friend or even your birth educator, who will hand hold you and support you during labor. We also provide Labor support for a smoother journey to motherhood.

Can I voluntarily start my labor?

Yes, we talk about inducing labor in our childbirth education classes at Aakash birth studio. Discussing natural ways of getting into labor once your are near or crossed your due date.

Is it normal to be worried about giving birth?

It’s natural to be anxious about giving birth but at the same time we lend a supporting hand to the couples as things can be made simpler when you are well prepared. In these classes you learn to make a personal birth plan. Learning important aspects about labor and delivery. Remember, anxiety is a mental health condition and not sign of weakness. We are here to assist you and be a cheerleader during your tough decision times.

What is the best birth position?

We discuss and demonstrate Active birthing positioning in our classes for mothers, so that you do not have to continuously lie down during labor and are more actively involved in coping with contractions and progressing in labor.

What to expect when my water breaks?

If your water breaks naturally, you may feel a trickle or a sudden gush of fluid that you cannot stop. Your water may break before you enter labor but are more likely to break during labor.

I keep feeling contractions on and off, am I in labor?

No, you may be experiencing Braxton hicks’ contractions, if you are far from your due date. They are the body’s way of preparing for labor. Here, we explain more about Braxton hicks.

Are there any positive ways to prepare for labor?

If you are feeling a bit anxious about giving birth, we at Aakash birth studio provide you practical and natural tips to keep you calm and relaxed during pregnancy and labor. Interacting with other moms during classes can be a best way to gain some insight from those who have been through it.


Dr. Pallavi Verma,
Lactation Consultant & Fitness Expert
Obstetrics & Gynaecology

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