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I have recently got to know that I am expecting. I am very excited but...

I have recently got to know that I am expecting. I am very excited but...

Frequently Asked Questions about Early Pregnancy Training Classes

1. I have recently got to know that I am expecting. I am very excited but at the same time felling lost with multiple queries in my mind. How will an early pregnancy training program help me?

Along with the excitement that you are having as new parents, also comes in apprehensions as to what is right and what should be avoided during the journey of pregnancy. It becomes difficult for a new pregnant mom to ask so many questions from her obstetrician in the OPD consult. Our team of experts are here to take care of all your worries. Early pregnancy class at Aakash Birth Studio, with our panel of experts help you learn:

  • · Physical and emotional changes in pregnancy
  • · Myths and realities in pregnancy
  • · Tests and scans
  • · Preparing for motherhood; knowing importance of exercises, birth preparation, lactation etc
  • · Session with the nutritionist
  • · Demo of posture correction and breathing techniques for 1st trimester.
  • · Natural cures for early pregnancy symptoms like- morning sickness, nausea, constipation, heartburn, cravings, acne etc.

2. What kind of tests and scans are required for me in my early pregnancy?

Your healthcare provider may advise a blood test (Beta-HCG) to confirm your pregnancy and check for hormonal levels. Once it is confirmed you would be asked to undergo a varied variety of blood tests and urine examinations which mainly include viral markers and metabolic screening. You may also be asked to undergo a USG to determine more accurate due date, implantation placement to rule out tubal pregnancy and probably to hear your baby’s heartbeat at around 12 weeks.

3. When will my baby bump appear?

The excitement of being pregnant isn’t really complete without the baby bump. But hold on momme, you might have to wait till the end of your 1st trimester to get your little bump popping out. The early pregnancy sessions are well designed to guide mothers about the incredible transformations you and your tiny fetus undergo.

4. I feel like peeing all the time is it normal?

By 7th week your uterus is almost double in size and is pressing over your bladder, so, you may feel like peeing all the time.

5. At one point I feel excited and joyous and the next moment I am filled with fear and anxiety, what’s happening to me?

You are experiencing the oscillating mood swings. Welcome to being momme! Besides all other physical transformations, a pregnant mother should also take care of emotional needs. Yes, hormones can juggle with your mood and you can undergo all the feelings in a single moment. Make sure you reach out to your partner, family, friends, and healthcare provider for support.

6. I am a very health-conscious woman, I want to keep working out during pregnancy. Is it safe?

For both woman who have been working out before pregnancy or who were having a sedentary lifestyle, exercising or getting involved in any type of physical activity is essential to keep your blood circulation good, settle down stress hormones, ease up nausea, giving you better sleep and uplifting your mood.

The obstetrician at Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka, Delhi is trained to handle difficulties that arise during childbirth. They ensure both mother and baby are healthy and safe through all the phases of pregnancy as well as childbirth. The department is equipped to handle normal delivery or through a planned or emergency caesarean section, or any variation that may arise during natural, but sometimes the complex course of childbirth.

Our unique maternity ‘MOME’ program for pregnant women includes prenatal (pre-delivery) & postnatal (post-delivery) classes, infant care, and breastfeeding classes. We have one of the best Lactation Consultant & Fitness Experts in Dwarka, Delhi to help you get a fitter body during pregnancy. We also provide online prenatal yoga sessions. It is specially made according to first, second and third trimester. You can avail the facility at the comfort of your home.

Dr. Pallavi Verma,
Lactation Consultant & Fitness Expert
Obstetrics & Gynaecology

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