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Laser treatment for corneal scar - Patient's Success Story

A 24 year old male African patient came to us with complaints of blurred vision, inability to open his eyes in bright light and irritation in both his eyes since childhood. On inquiring further, he reports a severe allergy in both eyes since he was 5 years old which subsequently improved just 4 years ago. However it had left a scarring in the front part of the eyes known as cornea. Due to this scarring, he experiences intense glare on going into bright lights and his vision remains blurred. He had been to France seeking treatment and had been advised a corneal transplant surgery.

On examination, there was scarring in the cornea restricted to the superficial 100 microns. The scarring was also highly irregular and in both eyes causing a lot of distortion in vision in both eyes. A trial of scleral contact lenses was done to improve his vision. However, since he was from a country where he did not have access to scleral lens fitters, he wanted a more permanent solution. A decision was taken to perform a topography guided PRK in both eyes along with a PTK. This would mean that without the need for a corneal transplant, we will remove corneal opacity and improve vision.

Figure 1. The corneal ASOCT scan before the laser. Note the white irregular scar on the surface.

This procedure was then done using an all Laser technique which used his scans to perfectly normalise the shape of his cornea along with removal of the opacity. A week after surgery, he was already feeling much better. He was seeing more clearly, his glass power had disappeared and he was able to open his eyes in bright lights. He was understandably very happy. He has been advised to wear UV protective sunglasses when going out for the next 3 months and returned to Africa in a much better condition. 

Figure 2. The corneal ASOCT scan after the laser. Note the smooth surface and absence of corneal opacity.