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My breast size is very small will I be able to produce good milk for my baby?..

My breast size is very small will I be able to produce good milk for my baby?..

Myths & Facts About Breastfeeding

Myth: My breast size is very small will I be able to produce good milk for my baby?


Being able to breastfeed successfully does not depend on the size of your breast, milk is produced by special glands in the breast that are present in all women.

Myth: I was not able to breastfeed the earlier baby, will I be able to breastfeed my second baby successfully Fact:

You can successfully breastfeed you second one even if you were unable to feed the first one, all pregnancies are different and all babies are different. At Aakash momme birth studio we were able to successfully establish and help many mothers like you with failed first-time lactation.

Myth: My older females in the family says first 2 days of milk should not be fed to the baby and should be discarded Fact:

Absolutely not, Mother produces colostrum in the first 2 days of delivering the baby, this milk is considered as the richest milk, also called the golden milk. It helps provide a lifelong immunity from various infections for the baby and prevents baby like a vaccine.

Myth: I have a caesarean section delivery; can I breastfeed my baby successfully Fact:

The mode of delivery does not affect the ability to successfully breastfeed your baby, in the first 24 hours of your delivery, you can easily feed the baby in lying down position once you are out of anesthesia effect. In our Aakash Momme program, our lactation consultant and nurses make sure that you are able to breastfeed your baby on the day of section as well.

Myth: My milk looks thin and watery. Fact:

Yes, milk at the start of breastfeed (foremilk) is thin and contains less fat and more water, hindmilk (near the end of feed) looks thicker and fuller of fats. The baby needs both foremilk and hindmilk.

Myth: I always feel pain in my nipples while feeding. Fact:

The cause of pain most of the time is poor latching or the baby is suckling in an incorrect position. If the baby is suckling only on the nipples, it causes soreness, which is painful. Applying any lotion or ghee is not recommended. Or Lactation Consultants help you understand a good latch and help you various techniques and positions to avoid such problems.

Myth: How do I know my baby is having enough milk., my baby is always crying and family says I may not be having enough milk Fact:

A baby having only mothers’ milk and nothing else and who urinates 6 times or more in 24 hours, is getting enough milk. we often forget that crying in a baby is not always because of hunger, that may be due to soiled diapers, or they want to be cuddled or held more. Some babies Want to suckle breast only for comfort, baby may be cold or hot or may have colic, there are various reason for a baby’s cry and may not be always considered hunger signs.

At Aakash momme we help you understand the myths and realities of breastfeeding, so that your baby gets the maximum love through your milk.

Dr. Pallavi Verma
Lactation Consultant & Fitness Expert
Obstetrics and Gynecology

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