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Most people don’t know what a DEXA scan is, and that’s just fine

Most people don’t know what a DEXA scan is, and that’s just fine, it is an imaging test that assesses your bone density (strength).

Understanding the DEXA scan

What is a DEXA (DXA) Scan and why is it done?

Most people don’t know what a DEXA scan is, and that’s just fine, it is an imaging test that assesses your bone density (strength). Test results from a DEXA scan can help provide details about a person’s risk of developing osteoporosis (bone loss) and/or getting fractures (bone breaks) more easily. A DEXA scan is essentially a type of medical imaging test that uses extremely low levels of X-rays to measure how dense your bones are. DEXA is abbreviated for “dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.” Delhi’s best orthopaedic doctors and medical experts deem DEXA scans to be the most useful, convenient, and inexpensive tests for helping with the diagnosis of osteoporosis; a term used for brittle bones and it points towards more risk of having broken bones or fractures. As we age, our bones can indeed lose their thickness and strength. Osteoporosis means “porous bone” and DEXA tests help healthcare providers track bone density and monitor the risk of having a broken bone in the future. Osteoporosis is most common in postmenopausal women and osteoporosis a “silent” disease as it doesn’t hurt. Most people first realise they have it after they have broken a bone after a minor fall.

If you’re considering a DEXA scan in Delhi, get one and don’t worry, the test is quick and painless. People also visit Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka Delhi for DEXA scans for assessing and measuring their body composition : the ratio of body fat to muscle mass. Many of us have same diet to control weight gain or loss but why two different people of same sex and body weight look completely different each other? It is because they have a different body composition. Body composition is defined as the amount of fat, bone, water, and muscle in our body. Dexa scan is very helpful for People who are always worried about body fat and joins gym or do exercises to control it. The scan shows you the exact body fat muscle ratio . The healthy body fat to muscle ratio is given below:

How do DEXA scans work?

As stated, DEXA scans measure the mineral content of certain bones, for instance the spine, the hip, and/or wrist. It works like this:

  1. You’ll be made to lie down comfortably on a special DEXA X-ray table. The technician or technologist will assist you and position you correctly and use positioning devices like foam blocks to keep hold and maintain the desired position.
  2. Then the arm of the DEXA machine passes over your body, and with the use of two different x-ray beams (these beams use minimal radiation which makes the test safer), it helps distinguish bone from other tissues.
  3. The scanner will then translate the bone density measurement data into images and graphs. Bone is quite easily recognisable as it is in white, whereas the fat and muscle tissue look like shadows in the background on the displayed computer monitor.
  4. These results are then analysed and interpreted by a radiologist or other physicians trained in DEXA interpretation
  5. Your healthcare provider is then sent a copy of the report to discuss the findings with you and deciding upon what treatment option is most appropriate.

Who needs to get a DEXA scan?

Our healthcare providers consider all factors before deciding who can potentially benefit from a DEXA scan and don’t recommend it for everyone. Aakash Healthcare has the team of best radiologists in Delhi. Our orthopaedic doctors mostly recommend DEXA scans for assess bone health for osteoporosis and the risk of fracture if our patients are older than 50, have had broken bone(s) before or any other illnesses that put their bone health at risk.

Research has shown that women start losing bone mass earlier and relatively faster than men, due to this at times, we may recommend DEXA scans at a younger age to screen for osteoporosis in female patients.

Your could also be recommended a DEXA scan if you face one or more risk factors for osteoporosis or fractures, they are:

  • Advancing age: Most people lose bone mass as they age and we advise people who are at average risk get to get DEXA scans from the ages of 65 (women) and 70 (men).
  • A family history: If one or more of your family members have had osteoporosis or suffered more than one fracture, you might be at greater risk of bone loss.
  • Previous fractures and injuries: Breaking a bone, particularly after the age of 50, can be a sign that you’re at greater risk. Porous (less dense) bones break much more easily.
  • Prescription medications: Some medications like the steroid prednisone, or cancer drugs can weaken your bones.
  • Your general health: Quite a few chronic medical disorders can make bones more likely to break. The conditions that carry the most risk of this include diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, liver disorders, and kidney disease.

The department of radiology at Aakash  Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital puts our patients first and strive to provide the best patient care through an ultra modern facility. Our team of experts has the best radiologists in Dwarka , Delhi. We are considered one of the best bone Densitometry testing /dexa scan /body composition scan centres in Dwarka, Delhi

The department provides an array of ultra advanced imaging services to conduct bone densitometry testing/dexa scan/body composition scan at affordable cost in Dwarka, Delhi.




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