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Understanding Mammography and Its Benefits

Mammography is the process of examining images of a patient’s breasts

Understanding Mammography and Its Benefits

Mammography is the process of examining images of a patient’s breasts for detecting any abnormal tumours and other tissue abnormalities. This procedure has been very helpful in detecting breast cancers.

A mammogram, refers to the set of X-ray images captured via an an X-ray examination of a breast and this is a very commonly performed imaging technique today, it is done with a device that is made up of two firm surfaces that compress and spread out the breast after which the breast images are captured and rendered at two different angles in both black and white colours, they are then displayed on the monitor for the doctor’s assessment, evaluation and potential detection of any abnormalities.

There are different kinds of procedures if you’re considering getting a mammography in Delhi, and you can visit our hospital for the best X-Ray procedures in Dwarka to get exhaustive and comprehensive test results and interpretation from some of Delhi’s best doctors for breast cancer . There are two types of mammography, they are

  • Screening Mammography – This is done in order to examine any changes in the breast of a woman which do not show any signs or symptoms of breast cancer. The sole focus is to detect and diagnose a cancerous growth well before any clinical signs or symptoms begin: this is also called early diagnosis and it significantly reduces the risk of mortality owing to breast cancer.
  • Diagnostic Mammography – This is done when apparent and worrisome changes occur in the breasts for example unexpected breast pain, formation of lumps, unusual skin tone and colour, unusual and odorous discharge from the nipples, an unusually becoming shape of a breast, thickening of nipples, etc. A Diagnostic mammogram also consists of some extra mammogram images for further and more comprehensive evaluation.

Mammography tests today play a very integral role in the timely diagnosis of breast cancers at a much earlier stage and have greatly helped in reducing the number of deaths caused because of the same. Today, the numbers of women who get screened for breast cancer have surely risen in india, but they are still not enough as 1 in 28 women in urban India still develop breast cancer today.

This test is also helpful for examining any abnormal lumps or growths within the breast tissue. In the technique itself of screening, the breasts are X-rayed from one side to the other and then from top to bottom but in a diagnostic mammogram, the focus is placed on the abnormal tissue or on one particular lump.

Risk and Reward of Mammography

The use of mammography tests has increased rather rapidly over the last decade and this is completely justified as mammographic examinations provide us huge benefits in detecting breast cancers at early stages and thereby reducing mortality. However, this ostensible benefit must be balanced against any and all potential risk associated with radiation carcinogenesis, the economic costs, and a number of other factors.

The main risk of mammograms is that the results aren’t always perfect. Normal and healthy breast tissue can conceal a breast cancer and it may not show up on the mammogram: called a false negative. And mammography has also at times identified an abnormality that looked like a cancer, but turned out normal. This "false alarm" is also called a false positive. Besides the mental duress that comes with worrying about being diagnosed with breast cancer, a false positive would also lead to more tests and visits which are stressful. To make up for these current limitations, we need to do more than mammography. Women need to learn and practice breast self-examinations, come in for regular breast examinations and they can also get other forms of breast imaging like breast MRIs or ultrasounds.

Now you may be worried about the risks of being exposed to radiation due to mammography but you can rest easy as mammography today only entails a fractional amount of radiation: which is less than a standard chest X-ray.

Mammograms don’t prevent breast cancer, but they can save your life by detecting breast cancer as early as possible. Health authorities have issued guidelines saying all women should be eligible for screening mammograms starting at age 40. Mammography during breastfeeding is safe and does not pose any risk to your infant. You just need to inform the doctor/radiologist that you are breastfeeding as the tissues in the breast become denser when you are breastfeeding.

In the past, we'd see most women who had breast cancer come in with a lump but today our cancers radiologists detect breast cancers through mammography, before they are even felt by the patient.

Detecting breast cancers early also means more women are able to keep their breasts. When recognised early, localised breast cancers can be removed without breast removal (mastectomy).

Mammography is quick (about 20 minutes), and there is almost no discomfort. The procedure is safe and you should go to a centre that will give you results then and there. Get in ricin with us to learn more.

If you are considering a Mammography test, get one, and don’t worry, the test is quick and painless. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals are available round the clock to help you go through the various tests and procedures. Aakash Healthcare has one of the best mammography screening centers  in Dwarka, Delhi and we have one of the best radiologists in Dwarka Delhi. Patients visit Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka to get the radiology test done, as we provide an array of advanced imaging services which includes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography scanning (CT), ultrasound, and digital mammography that help the doctors precisely analyze each illness region, assuring early recognition and treatment.

We perform mammography/Mammogram to look early signs of breast cancer at an affordable price/cost/charge. We are aware that it is difficult for common people to pay for life-saving diagnostic scans, so we come with various schemes from time to time to reduce the cost/charge/price of Mammography tests in Delhi. Our offerings are MRI abdomen/stomach, MRI brain/head, MRI lungs, MRI spine, MRI knee, MRI shoulder, and MRI heart among several others.



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