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Benefits of Blood Donation

One of the most important things that one should know is that there is no substitute of human blood. There is a constant need for blood and blood products in the healthcare industry for numerous scenarios, for instance trauma, where a large amount of bleeding happens and there is requirement for blood, cardiac surgeries, organ transplant surgeries etc. Most importantly Haemoglobinopathies that are genetic defect require constant blood supply too that results in abnormal structure of one of the globin chains of the haemoglobin molecule. Defects in these genes can produce abnormal haemoglobin and anaemia. Blood cancer patients too require frequent transfusion of blood and blood products. We have to understand that there is not only a need but a lot of benefits of donating blood.

The first and the most important is the altruistic benefit and the feel-good factor that one donor can help in saving three lives. Blood is something that cannot be manufactured in the factory, reinstating the fact that there is no substitute for it and we are dependent on fellow human beings, therefore we feel good by donating blood.

Every time you donate blood, there is a mini health check-up that is done, a few tests are performed, which indicate the fitness levels. There are various other health benefits of donating blood, studies state that excess iron is removed from the body, lower iron level in the body can help reducing risks of heart disease.

Organs like liver and heart are benefitted, through this process. It stimulates the formulation of new blood and blood products from the bone marrow, improving the viscosity of the blood, among numerous other cardiac benefits. So not only do we help others we help ourselves too. Below are the reported benefits of blood donation.

Complimentary health examination that includes weight, blood pressure, pulse frequency, haemoglobin (Hb) level, and medical check-up by physician.

Blood donation helps people burn approximately 650 calories per donation of one pint of blood (500 ml), according to the University of California, San Diego. People who regularly donate blood can lose a significant amount of weight, but it should not be taken as a weight loss plan in any manner.

Blood donation lowers risks of heart disease and it has been proven scientifically. According to studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, blood donors are 88% less likely to suffer from a heart attack and 33% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Reduced Cancer Risk - Regular blood donation is advantageous for lowering risks of cancer, including cancers that attack liver, lungs, colon, stomach, and throat

You can safely donate blood every 3 months, for men and 4 months, for women. If you are between the age of 18 – 60, and weigh more than 45 Kgs, and feel fit, you should definitely donate blood and save three lives, call our 24x7 Blood Bank at +91 88000 15924 to donate.

You will not be allowed to donate blood, if you –

  • Have diabetes
  • Are a drug user
  • Suffer from cancer
  • Have heart and lung diseases
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Suffer from epilepsy or spastic paraplegia
  • Have syphilis
  • Have abnormal bleeding or blood disorders such as haemophilia
  • Suffer from or have high risks of HIV or AIDS, such as commercial sex workers
  • Suffer from or had suffered from hepatitis B and/or C

Dr. Harpreet Kaur
Head of Department
Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)


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