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Chronic Kidney disease & its prevention

The term “Chronic Kidney disease” stands for a lasting damage to the kidneys that could worsen over time. If the damage is sevior enough, your kidneys may also stop working. This is known as kidney failure. If the disease results in kidney failure, then dialysis or a kidney transplant is the only way to survive.

Let’s understand the reasons for Chronic Kidney disease (CKD)?

Anyone can get Chronic Kidney disease but some people are extra prone than others. Some facts that can increase a person’s chances to get Chronic Kidney disease includes:  

  • Diabetes High blood stress (hypertension)
  • Heart Diseases
  • Having a member of the family with kidney sickness
  • Family History
  • Prolonged kidney disease

Managing Risk Factors for CKD are necessary for people with diabetes and excessive blood pressure, several research has proven the prospect for stopping or delaying the disease in diabetic or blood pressure patients are taking pills to control blood sugar levels or the blood pressure. Apart from decreasing blood sugar, those medicinal drugs lessen protein the urine, a hazard aspect for growing kidney sickness.

Managing blood sugar, blood pressure, and levels of cholesterol are essential because these can lead to coronary heart sickness and stroke. Early detection and remedy of kidney diseases are important for people with diabetes as it can reduce the chances of heart related emergencies and kidney failure.          

 Some Prevention methods from Chronic Kidney Disease are:

Make daily exercise a part of your routine stay Active and indulge in exercise for at least 4 days in a week.

Aim for a healthy weight If you're obese or have obesity, get in touch with your fitness care expert or dietitian to create a practical weight loss plan. View extra weight manage and fitness sources that will help you get and live motivated.  

Get sufficient sleep Aim for 7 to eight hours of sleep every night. If you've got hassle sleeping, take steps to enhance your sleep time.  

 Stop Smoking and Limit alcohol intake Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can boom your blood stress and induce more calories, that may result in weight gain. If you drink alcohol, restrict yourself to one drink or occasional drinking.

6. Drink enough water

Dehydration reduces blood flow to your kidneys, which can damage them. Ask your doctor how much water you should drink per day.

7. Maintain a healthy blood sugar level:

Checking your blood glucose, or blood sugar, degree is an essential manner to manipulate your diabetes. Take all prescribed medicines on time to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar. Keep your blood pressure in check. The recommended blood pressure for people with diabetes is 140/90mm Hg.

8. Reduce salt intake

Eating too much salt can result in high blood pressure which can further degrade the health of the kidneys

Following these tips can help you prevent kidney failure or slow its progression. The most important thing you can do is manage your diabetes and high blood pressure. Living a healthy lifestyle by eating right, being active, and not smoking is another key to keeping your kidneys healthy.


Dr. Vikas Agarwal

Director & HOD,

Urology, Urooncology and Kidney Transplant

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