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Begin your journey towards a safe and healthy pregnancy with Aakash MomMe

The department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics at Aakash Healthcare, is proud to announce the launch of our holistic antenatal and post natal care program that will make sure couples have a positive birthing and post child birth experience, safe in the care of some of the country’s leading gynaecologists & Obstetrics with state of the art facilities, complete safety protocols, and care. In this article, we’ll run you through what MomMe is all about and how it can help you.

Our MomMe programme is based on a few tenets:


A dedicated & team of leading Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Neonatologists, and Paediatricians: experts in their respective fields, will be available for all your needs around the clock. You can rest assured with us because we value the trust thousands of of parents have placed in us above all else.


Our holistic antenatal and post natal care programme will provide care and comfort right through your journey with us at Aakash Healthcare, which always aspired to help couples have a positive birthing and post-childbirth experience.


Pregnancy brings in unparalleled joy but a considerable amount of physical & mental stress that needs to be handled with care and compassion. We believe in a compassionate relationship between our team of clinical and non-clinical experts and our patients. Our team extends support during pregnancy, during labour and in post-delivery care; and beyond.


Life is meant to be celebrated, every little cry that echoes here is a celebration of that very life. At the Aakash MomMe programme, we celebrate pregnancy and the birth of new-borns with the same enthusiasm (or even more) of a family member.

As soon as you get onboard MomMe; you can leave the worrying to us, we’ll take you through the entire journey of pregnancy beginning with genuine counselling even before conception, followed by complete antenatal care and classes along with regular foetal monitoring and screening for genetic risk, done regularly.. In case you want to go in for a painless delivery (epidural analgesia) with the use of latest technology and state  of the art facilities, along with your husband present for the delivery; we’ve got you covered. We also specialise in tackling high risk pregnancies, ectopic pregnancies, and recurrent pregnancy loss.

Our Gynaecology & Obstetrics department is one of the best you can find anywhere, replete with world class facilities and services like our Women’s wellness programmes, family planning, infertility treatment, vaccination, menstrual and menopausal disorders. All major surgical procedures are performed by leading surgeons under the strictest protocols. We believe in making the patient involved in own health decisions making.

Paediatrics & Neonatology Services

We house a state of the art 20 bed strong level-3 NICU for our precious new-borns in Delhi NCR, managed by a team of dedicated and experienced full-time neonatologists, and caring nursing staff. Equipped with latest technology and infrastructure, also designed and created for tackling low birth weight and premature babies; who will be under the direct supervision and care of a full-time senior consultant, and Paediatricians who specialise in the care of new-borns. Our policy of complete transparency is communicated clearly and simply, like our daily counselling sessions with parents. We help parents deal with any complications related to genetics and birth, and if required unfortunately, even high risk follow ups.

Birth Studio

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing but it also brings a lot of questions about the changes happening in your body, handling the emotions involved, preparing for labour, among others. We have introduced exclusive sessions for pregnant moms and already become mom at our birth studio, where we gather together and get through the pressures of pregnancy and motherhood: together.


Different yoga postures, depending on the month of pregnancy, are taught by our yoga experts. This helps moms maintain flexibility in their growing body, curb excessive weight gain, and takes care of pains and aches. Relax your body and soul through our healing sessions of meditation and calm.

Childbirth Education

Our classes for couples will give you insight on labour, birthing, and coping with the other challenges of childbirth. You and your partner will gain understanding about the physical and physiological changes occurring in your body and how you can cope with them. You’ll know what to expect during labour, different positions during labour which will help expedite the process and provide pain relief. You’ll be apprised about the possible medical interventions that may need to be done and how to go about post natal care.

We also provide fitness consultation for mothers so that they can maintain good health after pregnancy. Our team of experts takes care of it by teaching you the right set of exercises which will get you back into shape in no time.

Lactation Consultation

We support new moms by equipping them with the confidence to be relaxed during their wonderful journey of breastfeeding. Right from learning various positioning techniques for your new born to supporting your toddler into feeding, we give sessions on new born handling. Make us your guide in this wonderful journey of parenting - we’ll share the experience if you” allow us.

Counselling & Baby Care Session

The early days of parenthood can be very overwhelming for anyone. The never-ending cycle of feeding, changing diapers, crying sounds etc. can be trying for the best of us, and our counselling sessions on new born handling will come in handy after you’ve gone back home.

Support Services

Our radiology, laboratory, blood bank and anaesthesia services give expert support. Our nurses are extremely caring and loving.


Dr. Shilpa Ghosh,

Director & Senior Consultant

Obstetrics & Gynaecology





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