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Importance of Heart Checkup

The benefits of regular health check-ups are well documented and backed by health experts all over.

What could be the harm in detecting any potential harm we might go through before it happens? Simply none whatsoever. Similarly, heart check-ups especially designed to determine the functioning and condition of one of the most, if not the most important organs of our body. If a person has not suffered from a heart condition or stroke till the age of 45 (this varies for some ethnicities), he/she can always consider going in for heart check-ups. A regular stint of checkups can help determine the possibility of developing a heart condition later and determine how likely one is to suffer a heart attack in the future. Heart checkups involve a combination of tests. A blood pressure test should be taken after the age of 25, at an in interval of every two years. A cholesterol test will help determine how health the supply of blood in your arteries is looking, once every four years. Body Mass Index test to determine how ideal body weight is for the heart. A waist circumference test along with a blood glucose test are also used to determine heart risks. Along with these tests, lifestyle choices such as consumption of alcohol, tobacco and levels of physical activity need to be taken into consideration.

The most critical aspect of heart checkups is how your cardiologist can help you manage these risks for the future. How one can manage one’s lifestyle while keeping a healthy heart. There are calculators available to the doctor, who factors in everything about your body. From test results, lifestyle choices to hereditary conditions (is any); your cardiologist is most certainly the one person who can help you live a better life, a more responsible and safer life.

Based on your results, your doctor can chart out a course of action (even inaction if you don’t needy any changes to your lifestyle) which can go a long way in helping you avoid any unwanted circumstances. If you are on the brink of disaster or if your heart is alright but other tests such as cholesterol or blood pressure are poor; you can be prescribed medication which can avoid stroke or any other heart complications later.

Dr. Ashish Agarwal
Senior Consultant & HOD
Non-invasive and Interventional Cardiology

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