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Knee pain and Different types of Knee Replacement

The knee is probably the most easily injured joints in our bodies. Knee problems arise due to a number of factors such as arthritis, traumatic injuries, natural degradation with ageing, and general wear-and-tear.

Knee replacement surgery is now one of the most frequently performed joint replacement procedures in India, and here at Aakash Healthcare, we perform the best knee replacement surgeries in Delhi, with the use of latest robotic technology for best knee replacement success. Our Orthopaedics Department in the hospital  performs knee surgeries most often to repair damage and heal the pain caused by arthritis in the knees.

Know the anatomy of your knee

The knee supports your body weight, is responsible for movement and walking. It is comprised of bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. The thighbone, shinbone, and kneecap make up the bone structure of the knee, and the knee joint holds these bones in place.

Knee injuries do not always happen to the bones, but also to ligaments, tendons, and the cartilage. Symptoms of knee injury or problems include pain, not being able to put weight on knees, severe stiffness, swelling, and bruising.

Types of Knee Surgery

Knee replacement surgery, called “knee arthroplasty”, involves the replacement of part or all of the knee joint with artificial (prosthetic) parts through surgery depending on the level of damage in your knee. Knee surgery today is easily done and we’ve been performing knee surgery in Dwarka with the highest success rates in a minimally invasive way, which helps decrease post-operation pain and time for recovery. The main kinds of knee replacement surgery are:

Partial Knee Replacement

When an injury or arthritis occurs in only a part or section of your knee, partial knee replacement is recommended recommended. A partial knee replacement is done as short stage procedure, which means you can be in and out of the hospital in two day!

The procedure is done under regional anaesthesia after which the damaged bone and cartilage will be removed from the knee, leaving behind healthy tissue.

a partial knee replacement is done through smaller incisional cuts so naturally the tissues will heal quicker than total knee replacement surgery.  Most patients will be able to put weight on their knee quite soon after surgery, but using a walker, cane, or crutches will be needed to get used to your new knee.

Recovery takes a few weeks, but most who have a partial knee replacement recover faster and better, lose less blood during the surgery, and experience lesser pain than patients who have total knee replacement.

Total Knee Replacement(TKR)

involves complete removal of the damaged joint and replacement with artificial parts. This is an in-patient procedure, which means a long stay in Hospital after surgery is most likely so that a doctor can gauge how your knee is healing.

In the operation, a surgeon will remove the damaged bone, and will replace the whole joint with an artificial joint of metals and plastic. The bottom of your thighbone, the top of the shinbone will be removed, along with the kneecap and connective and supportive tissues; all of these will be replaced by prosthetic parts.

Moving the new knee is extremely important and will have to begin shortly after surgery, with orthopaedic therapy usually with 6 to 8 hours of surgery. A walker or crutches are needed initially while standing and walking. Recovery is slower than that of partial knee replacement, and there are risks like blood clots, chronic knee pain, and nerve damage involved as well.

Robotic Partial Knee Replacement

Robotic partial knee replacement is similar procedure to partial knee replacement but uses NAVIOplasty (NAVIO Robot) instead of manual surgery.

Pre-surgical planning will ensure the perfect size and placement of the implant and with the help of computer guidance, the surgeon will use a robotic arm to control certain aspects of the surgery for maximum precision and success.

The advantage of this surgery is the potential of faster recovery compared to standard procedures, due to it being individually made for every patient, meaning it is more accurate and precise. It also reduces the risk of trauma, as the robotic assistance allows increased manoeuvrability in tight spaces. If your looking for robotic knee replacement in Delhi, look no further than Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka.

Osteotomy Knee Surgery

In this procedure one of the bones (tibia or femur) is reshaped to relieve pressure being put in the knee joint and this is used primarily for patients suffering from early-stage arthritis that has damaged only part of the knee joint.

Osteotomy relieves pain and greatly improves movement and functioning of the knee. Patients go home within two days after this procedure, and crutches will be required for a while.

Knee Revision Surgery

If someone already has a prosthetic knee from previous knee replacement surgery but is experiencing pain or disability again, they may need to go in for a knee revision surgery to get new replacement prosthetic materials. Even though implants are designed to last for a long time, but they can wear out and will need to be replaced.

This can be a complex procedure, because the surgeon must

Orthopaedics Surgeons in Delhi and Dwarka

If you have knee problems and want to know whether knee replacement surgery is right for you, do contact us on (phone number). Our highly experienced expert team has treated all types of orthopaedic conditions, including debilitating knee pain, and we can help diagnose your condition and give you advice on the best type of treatment and the results you can expect.

Dr. Aashish Chaudhry
Senior Consultant & HOD

Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement 

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