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Life after Kidney Transplant

After discharge what are the precautions?

At the time of discharge your nephrologist, transplant surgeon will counsel the patient, donor and the family regarding the strict compliance of medications and regular follow up.

For a successful kidney transplant outcome most, the important thing is disciplined lifestyle and stent removal after 2 weeks of discharge.

·         Do not miss medications

·         Get regular investigations

·         To get drug levels of (immunosuppressant) medications as advised

·         Eat healthy and stay away from dirty environment

·         Monitor sugar, blood pressure and urine output at home

·         If at all any problem like fall in blood pressure, fever, cough, breathing difficulty or pain please contact your doctor at the earliest 

How do I know my new kidney is functioning well?

After transplant in the initial period chances of rejection is maximum almost 4-6 % of patients suffer from rejection, which is treatable with medications.

In the first month after renal transplant blood investigations are done twice a week. After that, if everything is on course the frequency of tests goes down.

If at all one has any symptoms of pain in kidney area, fever or blood in urine and decrease in urine output, one must report immediately to his nephrologist.

What about my sex life?

After kidney transplant one has improvement in sexual relations. Post kidney transplant men have fathered children and women patients have successful pregnancies and bear healthy children. It is advisable to plan pregnancy after one year of kidney transplantation under strict care of nephrologist as we need to change some medications and requires strict supervision during the course of pregnancy.

When can one go to work after kidney transplant surgery?

Mostly after 8-12 weeks after kidney transplant surgery one can start work if the patient recovers well. It is always better and advised to discuss with your treating transplant team as it depends on the type of job profile also.

Dr. Vikas Agarwal
Director & HOD 
Urology, Urooncology and Kidney Transplant 

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