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You can Live and Live Well with Dialysis

You can Live and Live Well with Dialysis

You can Live and Live Well with Dialysis

Dialysis is one of the most important treatment protocols for patients with failing kidneys. Our patients who come to us for the best kidney treatment in Dwarka will be put on dialysis after thorough review of the case and discussion of all possible modalities of treatment with the patient along with his family with our experienced and dedicated team of doctors in our department of Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Specialist.

While being a lifesaving regimen, it is also a life altering one. Life with chronic kidney disease sounds like a challenge, small daily tasks may seem difficult but you can take charge of your health, gain back control and live a good life on dialysis too. Quality of life is a very personal parameter and each individual will seek a different parameter. Our goal, as nephrologists, is to provide the physical wellness for every patient to be able to fulfil their basic well-being needs, independently and with dignity.

(Read on if you or anyone you know is on or requires dialysis, in case you’re looking for the best hospital for kidney treatment in Dwarka, you can call us and set up an appointment with some of Dwarka’s best nephrologists, right here.)

In case you have begun dialysis recently, you might still feel physically tired, and will need some getting used to the routine of going for treatment up to thrice a week. However, only after a few dialysis sessions, your blood will be cleaner, your anaemia should have been treated and you should have more energy and feel better./p>

Now for the quality of life, make sure to care for yourself in all possible ways: body, mind and soul. Treating yourself holistically will put you on the right track.


The basic requisite of a healthy being is a well-maintained physical body. For you, our kidney patients to stay fit, you have to maintain the dialysis regimen in a disciplined manner as suggested by your nephrologist.

Keep the dialysis appointments regularly. Always turn up for your doctor’s scheduled medical appointments and speak openly whenever you need to. Work with a dietician and determine the ideal diet for you and be regular with your lab reports to make adjustments to your diet and medications when necessary. Remember to take only your prescribed medicines.

Even a small amount of exercise can do a world of good. It need not be heavy exercises, it could be gardening and watering your plants, walking around the park or a little jog, cycling, swimming, find the activity that works out for you and keep moving physically.


Not just your body, but a good healthy diet and exercise will help keep your mind focused, sharp and centred. It’s really amazing what a good diet and fresh air can do for our minds. Again, consult a dietician who will have many plans and ideas of how to make your food plan work for you.

You should try and read up on dialysis to learn all that you can about your experience. Your peace of mind will come knowing you are doing the best you can for yourself. Educating yourself will help you make better decisions for your treatment.

Strong will to live is the cornerstone of happy life. Read the paper, keep a diary, stay in touch with friends, listen to music, watch the stuff you like, visit places you haven’t or do anything that requires thinking. Staying involved with the world will keep your mind active.


Besides an active mind and an exercised body, the one factor that we all need to be truly happy, is a positive spirit. It is a very personalised notion but the basic reasoning is the same. A positive outlook gives a much-needed impetus to the physical treatment.

Strengthen your resolve for dialysis by acknowledging that you need to stay centred on the goal. Always be mindful of your feelings and you’ll know what you need. Through these efforts, you can achieve a higher and better sense of self by staying true to your feelings.

A positive attitude will give you a positive life.

Being on dialysis may be a bump but it isn’t the end of the road. The discomforts and logistic difficulties can be compensated for and a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle can be maintained.


Dr. Ambar Khaira
Senior consultant
Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

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