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Don’t Believe These Common Myths about COVID-19 Vaccination

Don’t Believe These Common Myths about COVID-19 Vaccination

It will save your life.

First off, how are you? We know it’s been hard on everyone in the city, trust us it’s been more than hard for us on the frontline at our hospital in Dwarka, and it’s the same if not worse for each and every other hospital and health professionals across the country. We don’t want the gratitude of our patients, we want them to stay safe, we don’t want your thanks, we want you to make sure everyone around you is safe, and the only way to ensure this is by getting vaccinated!

While countries like the United Kingdom are getting closer to achieving their vaccines goals, we in India are in the middle of the worst crisis caused by the virus anywhere and at any time, in the world.

International Immunization Week began last Monday with vaccination days against COVID-19 set up around the world, but persistent doubts and rumours are shared and spread across social networks about why the vaccines are not safe and their side effects. The side effects of not getting a vaccine are far worse and lethal for yourself and others, compared to the few manageable symptoms your body will nautically experience upon getting vaccinated.

Please get vaccinated and if you believe any of these myths below: we’ve busted them for you.

Myth: “Getting a vaccine will alter my DNA”

Fact: This is a highly negligent statement but seems to have gained quite a reputation amongst anti-vaccine nationals. The vaccines available today contain mRNA, which is a messenger that codes for various proteins, it never really becomes a part of your actual DNA!! Without alterations to your DNA (the genetic code of cells); there can be no change to your body.

On top of this, the lifespan of a messenger RNA as found in our vaccines live for only a few hours inside our bodies.

Myth: “I’ll get Covid-19 if and when I get the vaccine”

Fact: Some people experience mild and temporary side effects after getting vaccinated, this is completely normal, and 8is in fact expected (for eg, mild fevers, body aches, and chills). The fear that a COVID-19 vaccine shot can infect you with the virus itself is absolutely false. None of the vaccines available to us in India contain viruses.

Myth: “If I’m pregnant I shouldn’t get vaccinated.”

This is not true for moms to be and moms that are breastfeeding. In fact, pregnant or breastfeeding women should consider getting vaccinated; seriously. As of today, we do not have data from clinical trials conducted with pregnant women, but leading fertility specialists suggest and advise that pregnant women who may be planning on getting pregnant, are pregnant already or those who are breastfeeding should seriously consider getting vaccinated because vaccines are generally safe during pregnancy whereas pregnancy without vaccine protection is a risk factor for getting severe COVID-19, which in turn can also harm the foetus.

Myth: “A Vaccination can lead to blood clotting.”

The Astra-Zeneca vaccines were put on hold across five European nations and in the United States owing to 0.003 % people who developed blood clots out of all vaccinated people. Some rumours and claims suggest an alarming number of deaths and injury caused by the vaccines: this is extremely misguided and extensively false. Saying that anything and everything harmful happens after a vaccine is devious, one could just as well die having a piece of meat.

Myth: “The COVID-19 vaccines were developed too soon and that is why they are unsafe”

Fact: Each and every available vaccine has been authorised after being proven safe and effective. Yes, indeed they were developed in record time, it is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in modern medical science. However, all vaccines have to go through the same rigorous approvals processes complying with all safety standards. No steps are skipped. We should only thank the unprecedented record worldwide collaboration and investment in such a short span of time for the development of the vaccines.

Myth: “The COVID-19 vaccines will be used as tracking devices” 

Fact: This one is a personal favourite to be honest, some video shared many thousands of times across Facebook makes many false claims about the products of an American syringe maker, which has a contract with the American government to provide medical-grade injection devices for vaccines. The company does have an optional version of its product that contains a microchip within the syringe label but that is only to help providers confirm the vaccine dose’s origin and authenticity. No chip itself is injected into any person getting the vaccine.
And come on, we’re in india right now, do you really think the Government has the resources to implant tracking devices in more than 2 billion people?

So, dispel all the hesitation and fear you have about getting vaccinated, and get a vaccine as soon as you can. Lastly, the theory that vaccines don’t work because people still get COVID after getting vaccinated is also wrong.

Vaccines significantly reduce chances of getting infected, and in case you do get infected, vaccines almost always guarantee you’ll only have mild and manageable symptoms. 

Dr. Prabhat Ranjan Sinha
Internal Medicine

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