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An important message for the newly delivered mothers | COVID-19

Situations like these are difficult to eradicate and prevent in the times to come. So rather than just struggling with the changes outside, it is important that we make some major changes inside the body. And this especially is relevant for the newly born munchkins, who have just arrived in the world.

 What are we offering them, what are we leaving behind us, for them to thrive upon? Besides all the harm, which we have already done to the environment, there is one thing that goes beyond all the medication provided by our mother nature, that is 'Breast-milk’. Although, it has become a trend now a days to offer artificial feed to the babies, reasons may be many, stress factors, family pressure, working mom's, lazy babies, delayed early initiation of breastfeeding. It has struck me hard in this crucial crisis that there's only this one thing that can save our babies and be better prepared for the future, stronger and sharper from inside.

'Breast-milk' is a strong natural immunity booster that no scientist can imbibe in an artificial powder feed or a laboratory. It is full of antibodies that has the ability to fight even those diseases we can't even think of. It helps prevent respiratory infections, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and many more like these. A wholesome food and medication for your little love.

Also, during this pandemic, the mothers, family members and people all around are under stress, even the news we watch or conversations we have are becoming so negative that it is difficult for a mother to pass on good, happy and positive hormones to the children. With breastfeeding a mother not only just fills up the baby’s tummy, but also fills up the baby’s heart and soul with positive vibrations and energy that I believe is the need of the hour  

Dr. Pallavi Verma
Lactation Consultant
Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Fitness

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