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Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

It’s your heart after all…

Don’t Smoke—no ifs no butts

There are numerous things you can do to protect your health and blood vessels. Not consuming tobacco is probably the best.

Even though smoking can cause heart disease and is a leading cause of the same; it is actually a controllable risk factor; all you need to do is stop and the benefits will be apparent in a few hours. Cardiologists encourage all smokers to quit as it can make a huge difference to the overall health of the person, not just the heart.

Don’t forget the middle

By which we mean, focus the middle of your belly. Cardiology research has linked excess fat on the belly with higher blood pressure and unhealthy lipid levels in the blood. In case you’re packing extra fat on your belly, it’s time to cut it down. Consuming fewer calories and exercising twice or thrice a week can make a huge difference.

Knit a scarf

It’s really cold these days as you know, so put those hands to work and unwind your mind. Calm activities like knitting, sewing, and crocheting relieve stress and do your  mind some good by calming it. Other soothing hobbies like sculpting pottery, cooking, or even doing some  jigsaw puzzles can help take off some of that stressful life edge.

Power up your salsa with beans

When consumed with with healthy chips and fresh veggies, salsa gives you a delicious antioxidant-rich snack. For that extra dose of health, mix a can of black beans for fibre and protein . Diets rich in soluble fibre can lower the levels of “bad cholesterol” in your body. Other sources rich with fibre include oats, barley, apples, pears, and avocados.

 Groove to the music

It doesn’t matter if you do some freestyle or classical, dancing is a great form of cardio positive activity; much like other kinds of aerobic exercise, it improves your heart rate and gets those lungs pumping nicely. It also burns around 200-250 calories or more per hour.

Get Fishy

Having a diet full of in omega-3 fatty acids  help prevent heart disease. Fish like salmon, tuna, sardines, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Try and have fish at least twice a week, its heart-friendly benefits far outweigh the risks for almost all people.

Laugh out loud in life

Don’t just sit there and LOL on Instagram and Facebook posts. Really laugh out loud in your day to day life. Whether you do this by watching comedy movies or cracking up with your friends joking around,, laughter is good for you and your heart. You may have heard yoga groups doing this in the park early morning. Research suggests laughing brings down the levels of stress hormones, reduces inflammation in the arteries, and raises the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HLD), also called “good cholesterol.”

Stretch it out everyday

Yoga exercise and stretching improve your balance, level of flexibility, and core strength. It’s great for relaxing and relieving stress, and you know something; yoga also, potentially improves your heart’s health. According to research, yoga has shown a lot of potential in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Have a glass but in moderation

Moderately consuming alcohol can help raise HDL levels aka good cholesterol. It also prevents blood clotting and damage to the arteries. Red wine in particular has demonstrated some benefits for your heart. That doesn’t mean you down a bottle daily; just a glass once a week is enough.

Try and avoid excess salt

If we all reduce our salt intake to just half a teaspoon a day, it will significantly reduce number of people who develop coronary heart disease. Processed and restaurant-prepared foods have been found to be especially high in salt.

Move around

No matter what your weight is, sitting around for long periods of time can shorten your lifespan, warn researchers. Couch potato and desk jockey modes of lifestyles  have an unhealthy effect on blood sugar and fat. So take regular breaks when you’re working on a desk and move around.

Known your numbers

Keeping some parameters like blood pressure and sugar and cholesterol in check is vital for a healthy heart. Find out the best levels relevant for your sex and age. Take action to reach these levels. And schedule regular checkups.

Eat chocolate

Not regular chocolate but dark chocolate, which is delicious and contains many heart-healthy flavonoids. These compounds will reduce inflammation and lower the risk of developing heart disease, scientists have suggested. Consumed in moderation, dark chocolate — not extra sweet milk chocolate can actually be really good for your heart. The next time you want to indulge that sweet tooth of yours, have a piece or two of dark chocolate: guilt free.


Dr. Abhay Kumar


Cardio Thoracic and Vascular surgery

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