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Why Is Vitamin D So Important for Your Health?

Why Is Vitamin D So Important for Your Health?

Healthy bones require Vitamin D as it helps our body to absorb Calcium from the diet. Our body forms Vitamin D in the skin in presence of sunlight and also get it from proper balanced diet, it’s deficiency leads to rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, diabetes, asthma and cognitive impairments in the elderly.

What are the Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency?

  • Bone pain and muscle weakness.
  • Tiredness In most cases the symptoms are vague and very subtle and can include general aches and pains.

Who is at risk for Vitamin D deficiency?

  • People with less exposure to the sun.
  • People who cover themselves with clothing when they are outdoors.
  • People who use Sun screen daily. Sun screen blocks harmful ultraviolet B rays that cause skin cancer, it also blocks most of the skin’s production of vitamin D.
  • People with darker skin tone have melanin pigment which is a natural sun screen that slows the skin’s production of Vitamin D.
  • The ability to create Vitamin D decreases as we age.
  • Overweight people have inadequate Vitamin D.

How important is Vitamin D during pregnancy?

Your baby needs Vitamin D to maintain proper levels of calcium and phosphorus which builds your baby's bones and teeth. Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy can affect bone development and immune function from birth through adulthood. This can cause growth retardation, skeletal deformities, rickets, abnormal bone growth and delayed physical development with direct impact on birth weight, causing greater risk in pregnancy complications like preeclampsia, and a higher likelihood of a C-section.

How do you know if you have Vitamin D deficiency?

A simple blood test can measure Vitamin D deficiency level. Doctors may advise you to take supplements or expose your skin to the sun.

How to treat Vitamin D deficiency?

Proper daily Sun light exposure of skin in morning hours is the best way to get Vitamin D naturally.

In a few cases the doctor may prescribe Vitamin D supplements.

Dr. Aashish Chaudhry
Senior Consultant & HOD
Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery

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