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Every step we take, every sprint we run, every step we climb, and just about everything our legs do when we move are supported by a set of muscles and ligaments that stabilise and support the knee, and these tissues can get injured for one reason or another. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are one such injury and occur frequently among athletes, sportspersons and even individuals who exercise and workout regularly. 

Any Anterior cruciate ligament  tear specialist in Delhi will tell you the most common way their patients hurt their knees is by tearing their ACL. This is because it is a tissue that holds and supports the bones together in your knee and helps keep it stable as well. An ACL tear or stretch happens when an individual makes a sudden movement or turns sharply at speed when sprinting or jumping. The injury is extremely painful and walking or even exerting pressure on it become extremely difficult. Most patients seeking ACL treatment in Delhi play football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, gymnasts. Track and field athletes are more likely to injure their ACL, even more so when they compete at their maximum during competitions. 

Other athletes like cyclists or long distance runners, who would naturally cycle or run at a steady pace, will not be as prone to ACL tears. An individual’s speed coupled with how they twist or turn their knee will dictate whether they suffer an ACL stretch or tear. 

Read on to learn more about ACL tears, and if you’ve got questions regarding ACL, like where you can get the best torn ACL treatment in Delhi, which are the best ACL injury hospitals in Delhi/NCR or anything else, feel free to reach out and we’ll assist you as best we can. 

Let’s begin by understanding what the ACL is: It is one of the four major ligaments of the knee joint and its primary function is helping the knee maintain stability while it rotates, the ACL also prevents the shinbone (tibia) from slipping in front of the thighbone (femur). 

The ACL is most vulnerable during athletic activity or from impact, and a torn ACL is a common injury that has left many athletes searching for ACL tear treatment in Delhi.? 

Surgery is usually required to repair an ACL tear, and there are exceptional ACL tear?hospitals and ACL tear surgery hospitals in Delhi where you can get treated.? 

An ACL tear occurs when the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) gets partially or fully ruptured. Once the ACL suffers a tear, it won’t be able to regrow or heal by itself and will require intervention.? 

ACL tears don’t just happen to athletes, people of all ages in any shape and physical condition can tear their ACL. Data knee ligament surgery hospitals in Delhi also suggests that proactive women experience a higher incidence of ACL injuries compared to men because women’s biomechanics exert more pressure and stress on their knees. 

ACL injuries are also fairly common among children, especially young sports-persons who get increasingly competitive as they advance in level. Till very recently, only non-surgical ACL treatment was done for children and adolescents as conventional ACL surgery techniques may have caused growing children to develop a growth deformity or discrepancy in the length of their legs. However, with advancements in surgical techniques, today?surgical repair is indeed an option for many kids and teens without risk.? 

ACL Symptoms 

Upon tearing an ACL, a person may hear a popping sound at the time of injury, feel extreme pain in the knee, see swelling in the area and feel their knee is unstable. However, for less severe tears, these symptoms may not be as intense. People who don’t take part in intense physical activity usually suffer milder cases of torn ACL.? 

In case the ACL is completely torn, the instability in the knee will cause sudden loss of balance with shifting or buckling. 

What you should do if you tear your ACL? 

Immediately get off and stay off the leg you’ve hurt and elevate it, apply ice, have a non-steroidal painkiller, apply knee support and visit an ACL reconstruction specialist in Delhi/NCR immediately if you experience symptoms.? 

Your doctor will tell you how bad your ACL injury is and whether nonsurgical treatment and rehabilitation will be enough or if surgery is necessary, in which case they will refer you to a specialised knee ligament surgery hospital in Delhi/NCR.? 

Whether or not you get surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation are key to strengthening and revitalising the muscles that surround the knee to improve the range of?motions  

An ACL surgery won’t be a necessary for all patients, medication and rehabilitation will do, while some may be fitted with a leg brace for use during activities that place stress on the knee for a certain amount of time. Prescribed physical therapy and rehabilitation is extremely important for preventing future ACL injuries.? 

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