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Our antenatal and postnatal holistic care program is a beautifully tailor made premium program that aims to help couples have a positive early pregnancy, birthing and post-childbirth experience. We prepare you to become more confident through our routine exercises classes, comprehensively designed knowledge workshops and celebrations for the most memorable experience from bump to birth.


Being Pregnant is a wonderful feeling. It also brings along a lot of questions about the changes in your body, handling emotions, preparing for labour, among others. we have introduced exclusive sessions for pregnant and delivered mothers.

1. Prenatal yoga/ Fitness
Our customised prenatal excercise plans are designed by our experts to demonstrate different yoga postures, depending on the month of pregnancy. This helps you maintain flexibility in your growing body, curb in excessive weight gain, and take care of your pains and aches. With mantras and meditation we relax your body and soul through our healing sessions.
2. Breathing time
Breath in and breath out starting with pranayama, and moving to other beautiful breathing exercises, learn to control and calm the mind as you go through your pregnancy.  We also train mothers for lamaze breathing patterns to help cope up during labor.
3. Childbirth education classes
These are couple classes which will give you insite about labour, birthing, coping up with the challenges during childbirth. These sessions are designed to increase pregnant women’s confidence in her ability to give birth!
4.Post-Natal Care
We provide fitness consultation for the mother to maintain a good health post pregnancy. Our team of experts  takes care of it by making you learn right set of exercises and getting back to shape. We run a program for mummas and babies as well working out together in our Mommy n me yoga.


Counselling and Baby care session
Initial days of parenthood would be very overwhelming for you. The never-ending cycle of feeding, changing diapers, crying sounds etc. needs counselling sessions on new born handling. Make us your guide in this wonderful journey of parenting and we would never disappoint you

Lactation consultation
We support new moms, equipping them with the knowledge to be confident and relaxed during their wonderful journey of breastfeeding . Right from learning various positioning techniques to your new born to support your toddler into feeding, we support it all.


Pregnancy studio
?    Early pregnancy class
?    Antenatal yoga
?    Lamaze childbirth education
?    Meditation and relaxation techniques
?    Exercises during Gestation diabetes and pregnancy fibroids
?    Birthing ball exercises and ergonomics
?    Obstetrics Physiotherapy, exercises for back pain, neck pain, pelvic floor, cramps, wrist pain (Carpal tunnel syndrome), varicose veins etc.
?    Antenatal breast examination and remedies
Labour studio
?    Active labor positions
?    Breath work
?    Birthing ball techniques
Postnatal studio
?    Postnatal physiotherapy
?    Stress management/ postpartum blues
?    Postnatal yoga
?    Mommy n me yoga/ fitness
?    Postnatal rehab for – diastasis recti, pelvic floor, Symphesis pubic dysfunction, sacroiliitis, abdominal rehab
?    Lactation counselling
?    Handling a newborn, baby care techniques
?    Bonding and soothing techniques
?    Baby bathing and baby massage techniques
Gynecology studio
?    Exercises to prevent osteoporosis
?    PCOS exercises
?    Rehab for incontinence
?    Exercises for uterine prolapse, post mastectomy and post hysterectomy

Benefits of the procedure FAQ

You will gain understanding about
?    Coping with Natural changes happening in the body
?    What to expect during labour.
?    Different positions adopted during labour
?    Different pain relief methods
?    Medical interventions
?    A relationship between the couple and the need for constant support for the mother

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