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The groundwork of all Happiness is health

Nothing is more important to us than your health

Patient and family rights

  • To receive treatment irrespective of socio-economic status, age, gender, caste, race and religion
  • To prompt assessment and appropriate management of pain
  • To receive complete information on the medical condition, proposed treatment and plan of care
  • To be informed about the expected outcomes of treatment and give consent for the same
  • To receive counselling regarding estimated cost of treatment and payment protocol
  • To receive information on hospital rules and regulations
  • To receive information in a language that patients understand
  • To participate in the care process and right to refuse or discontinue treatment
  • Patients have the right to receive care that is respectful of the patients' personal values and beliefs
  • To personal dignity and privacy while receiving care
  • To have any special preferences including spiritual and cultural needs
  • To confidentiality about patients' medical information
  • To request access and receive a copy of their clinical records
  • To protection from physical assault, neglect and additional vulnerabilities
  • To know the process for voicing complaints and the process of resolution
  • To seek a second opinion on his/her medical condition
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The groundwork of all Happiness is health
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Nothing is more important to us than your health