Bariatric Surgery

UGI Endoscopy – Diagnostic and Therapeutic


Diagnostic and Therapeutic An endoscopy is an examination to detect changes associated with Oesophagus, stomach and small intestines. During this procedure a long tube is inserted via your mouth under sedation. There is a small camera at the end of the endoscope to record the images. The procedure usually takes 5- 10 minutes and oral feeds are started after 30 minutes of the procedure. 

Why is it performed? 

Your treating doctor may ask this procedure for : Done as a OPD/ day care procedure, it will help in investigating pathologies of upper gastrointestinal tract, obtaining biopsies , detecting H . pylori infection and perform other interventions like sclerotherapy , banding for varices , screen for tumors and ulcers, stenting of tumors and strictures ,treatment of achalasia etc

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