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A colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure done to detect abnormalities and diseases of colon and rectum. The patient requires an overnight preparation in which bowel cleansing agents are given for adequate preparation of the large bowel. During this test, a long flexible tube is inserted via anal opening and recording of images is done in the entire large intestine. This is done under sedation and the procedure time is usually 15- 20 minutes. Tissue samples and biopsies are taken for suspicious pathologies. Polyps and small cancers can also be removed by this procedure.

Why is colonoscopy done?

Your doctor may recommend colonoscopy for :

  1. Investigate diseases of large intestine: Explore causes of abdominal pain, bleeding via rectum, unexplained anemia, wt loss, constipation, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases.
  2. Screening for possibility of cancer of the large intestine
  3. Evaluation of colonics polyps.

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