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Best Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi

The Hip joint is one of the most important joints in the human body. It allows us to walk, run, and jump. It bears our body’s weight, force of the strong muscles of the hip and leg.

Hip Replacement is a procedure in which a doctor surgically removes a painful hip joint & replaces it with a prosthetic implant. It is done when all other treatment options have failed to provide adequate pain relief.

At Aakash Healthcare our experienced team of orthopedic doctors is specialized in Hip replacement procedure.

What is Arthritis of the Hip? 

Arthritis is wearing of this smooth cartilage. It causes pain, swelling and stiffness in joints.

Treatment for Arthritis 

There is no permanent medical cure for arthritis, but there are multiple options available that may relieve the pain. For non-surgical treatment, the doctor may recommend options like lifestyle modification, physiotherapy, assistive devices and losing weight. This could be helpful in the initial stages.

Excessive intake of over the counter pain killers can damage your kidney and other organs. Pain killers are not a solution. 

Benefits of Hip Replacement

  • Permanent relief from pain, giving you back the ability to move without pain, which other options don’t provide
  • Increased movement mobility and stability
  • Reduced joint pain 
  • Deformity correction 
  • Increased leg strength 
  • Improved quality of life due to the ability to return to normal activities 

What Is the Right Time for Surgery?

If you have tried all other options and still suffering. Then the sooner you go in for surgery the more favourable the outcome. It is time to be cured and say no to the pain. 

Pain Post Surgery

Mostly, people have this fear that they will experience great pain after the surgery. At our center, pain management is our top priority. We have a dedicated team for pain management, who use sophisticated methods like spinal epidural catheters, patient controlled anaesthesia, transdermal patches to keep you virtually pain free in post-operative period. 

What Is the Recovery Time? 

Each patient has its own pace for healing. We usually make the patient walk after 24 hours with help of support. Mostly, one is restricted to use walker for approximately 2 – 4 weeks. Full recovery from a hip joint replacement takes about three to six months. 

How Long Does the Replacement Last? 

The usual life span of a successful Total Hip Replacement is about 15 - 20 years. It may however vary under individual circumstances. A revision joint replacement is in that case. 

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