Bariatric Surgery

Eating Habits and Exercise after weight loss surgery


Please follow the diet chart given to you at the time of first appointment. It is vital you consume the appropriate amount of calories, protein and vitamins in order to avoid feeling ill, weak and possible losing some hair during the initial recovery period. Always remember they the goal is to burn fat, not muscle, so protein is necessary for maintaining muscle bulk. Remember to take full advantage of the early lack of appetite to get into the right eating and exercising habits. Patients who don’t adopt healthy diet habits early on are more likely to regain weight in the long term. If you return to high calorie junk food and don’t remain active, then even the best bypass will fail eventually. Your bariatric procedure should be considered  a means to aid your overall weight loss. The paramount importance of behavioural factors cannot be overstated . It is therefore extremely beneficial and important that you participate in our Patient Support Group as much as possible and seek dietary and psychological assistance whenever it is recommended or whenever you feel that you are struggling to achieve your goals. Studies have shown that patients who participate in patient support groups, and have their surgery carried out in a multidisciplinary environment, achieve better results.

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