People all over the world are concerned about increasing Coronavirus infection. It has been two years since the deadly Coronavirus hit the world, and people are concerned about the uncertain or unknown future. People's fear, anxiety, and stress levels are skyrocketing in this environment. People have not even gotten out of the devastation caused by the lockdown imposed during the first and second waves of this pandemic; the news of the rapid spread of new Corona variants has started emerging.

COVID 19 and emotional wellbeing:

People are more mentally disturbed during this coronavirus pandemic. Taking care of one's mental health is critical for everyone, as it affects one's ability to think, feel, and work. It also has an immediate impact on stress, relationships, and decision-making. People who are already mentally ill face additional challenges in this pandemic. Such people should continue their treatment and monitor even minor changes in their symptoms.

Children’s mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic:

As COVID-19 enters its third year, the impact on children and young people's mental health and well-being remains significant. According to the most recent UNICEF data, at least one in every seven children has been directly affected by lockdowns, and more than 1.6 billion children have experienced some loss of education. Many young people are afraid, angry, and concerned about their future as a result of disruptions to routines, education, and recreation, as well as concerns about family income and health.

How to take care of one’s stress and emotional wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

  • Be careful about the Corona Virus - Keep as much information as possible about the Corona epidemic. If you are ill, please consult a doctor before beginning treatment. Do not spend the entire day watching the news about the Coronavirus. Stay up to date on the epidemic's news, keep an eye on its symptoms and treatment, and don't spend the entire day watching only news about it.
  • Be emotionally Strong - It is important to keep mental status sound in a difficult situation. You will be able to understand things and make decisions more effectively if you are mentally strong. Maintaining good emotional health is also important, for your family. This helps to take correct decisions for yourself and your family members.
  • One important way is to devote this time to your hobby. You can do your favorite task that you were unable to complete due to a lack of time. This will make you extremely happy as if an unfulfilled wish has been fulfilled.
  • Stay physically active - A well-known proverb states that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It is important to take care of your body along with your mental health during COVID -19 pandemic. People nowadays spend more time at home than ever before. After overeating and resting, it is necessary to exercise in order to stay fit. Even after consistent workouts, your body can become drowsy. While at home, practice deep breathing, stretching, and meditation. Consume nutritious meals and engage in regular physical activity. Get enough sleep and stay away from intoxicants.
  • Try to remain happy and keep others happy too - Because of your anxiety, neither you nor your family will be able to flee Corona. People who live at home should engage in new activities. If the same routine has been boring you for a long time, do something that you enjoy. Find happiness in the little things and indulge in some family activity. Include children in this project as well.
  • Try to talk to your friends and relatives virtually – A human being is a social animal. It is necessary to interact with other people in order to maintain one's mental health. People are unable to openly meet other people due to fear of infection or their own safety as a result of the Corona crisis. You can use technology to help you with this. Video calls allow you to communicate with others. Through video calls, you can communicate with your friends and relatives who live far away from you. There is a difference between talking on the phone and talking face to face; you can be happy by utilizing technology creatively.


The Pandemic is not over yet. The government and Healthcare service providers alone cannot fight this deadly virus. The joint effort of the common man, the government, and Healthcare service providers can defeat this virus. If you are going through stress due to this COVID-19 virus, give a call today and speak to our experts who are trained in managing emotional wellness. Aakash Healthcare keeps organizing mental health awareness programs from time to time. You can participate and ask questions related to COVID-19 mental health to our experts.

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