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The landscape of Knee Replacement Surgery has changed considerably over the last decade, and great technological advancements have made knee replacement surgery using robotics a futuristic goal, that has been achieved in the present. We too have been using robotic knee replacement surgery in Dwarka for some time now and with great success. Essentially, the robot’s precise movements have aided us in striving to provide the best knee replacement surgery in Dwarka: as the procedure demands great accuracy and help is always better.

Some of our patients hesitate when they learn about robotic knee replacement surgery options, usually, they are concerned with the safety of using robotics and if there are any risks involved with the surgery. The truth is, studies are yet to tell us how far better robotics are for knee replacement but from our daily experiences we can say that all our patients who underwent robotic knee replacement surgery received added benefits. Read on to learn if robotic knee replacement is a better option for you or anyone looking for knee replacement surgery in Delhi.

Robotic Knee Surgery

To clarify at the beginning, Robotic Surgery does not mean a live robot performs the entire surgery like in Star Wars. Doctors use a robotic surgical arm to perform certain parts of the procedure, for that extra precision and assistance for areas that demand the steadiest hands and while navigating through small places: Robotics has become another highly efficient and beneficial tool in the doctor’s kit and most of the Delhi’s best Knee replacement surgeons use robotic assistance now. By analyzing CT scans, the robotic arm can create and map 3D images of the surgical area and perform a range of tasks on it such as:

  • Preparing the bone.
  • Introducing the implant.
  • Balancing the implant.
  • Ensuring it’s the right fit.

Benefits of Robotic Knee Surgery

In today’s industry, robotic knee surgery has already carved out a place for itself as a powerful tool that surgeons use and if you think about it, robotics isn’t just used for knee replacement, but in almost every medical treatment and field. The medical community has seen many benefits of robotic assistance in treating their patients better. The advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement surgery are:

  1. Costs Less in the Long-Term Cost:
    While getting the robotic knee replacement surgery will cost your insurance a little, you’ll tend to have fewer complications after surgery and our patients who get robotic knee replacement surgery will attest, this also means fewer return visits to the hospital. You’ll also recover in lesser time, in a better manner, which means you can go back to living your life again, return to work, drive your car, etc. much faster compared to Conventional Surgery. Also, robotic surgery is minimally invasive and results in fewer infections and lesser risks, which might otherwise send a patient back to the hospital. So, in purely economic terms as well, you’ll save money by choosing robotic knee replacement surgery.
  2. Better Outcomes for Patients:
    Some studies have shown that patients who undergo robotic knee surgery experienced less frequent and fewer revisits to the hospital. They also needed lesser rehabilitation time; this still doesn’t mean traditional surgery is in any way undesirable. However, the robotic arm can remove diseased bone tissue from the concerned areas more effectively; this also improves the recovery rate of patients.
  3. More Patient Satisfaction:
    People can get back to their daily activities quicker, and this will naturally translate to more patient satisfaction. Robotic knee surgery requires less intense downtime for patients, and post-operation recovery stress is something we can all do without.

    After surgery, patients also like the precision of movement of the knee affronts. This happens as there are fewer chances of making errors because of the robotic arm. The implants can be perfectly aligned and adjusted with complete precision, this in turn increases the patient’s comfort. Remember that identifying the most effective option is always the aim of surgery and we value the combination of both robotic precisions with our doctor’s capabilities and other human qualities.

So, Is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery Better?

Yes, and no; simply because a robotic surgery affords more assistance doesn’t mean the surgeon is in any way not as important. For the treatment with the least trauma on the bone and tissue, robotic assistance allows for more precision that reduces traumatic areas and this can only be a good thing. Don’t think of robotic surgery as opposed to conventional surgery, but rather think of it as your surgeon using a far more advanced tool to give you the best treatment possible. There are different types of knee replacement, and we advise you to consult some of Delhi’s best orthopaedic surgeons at Aakash Healthcare to find out what works best for you.

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