Hospital Management


We care for people, and adhere to uncompromising code of ethics that underlines complete honesty. We are dynamic, always determined to improve our skills, programs and services; this is our true essence.

Aakash healthcare - Super Speciality hospital strives to exceed what patients expect from us. We aim for excellence in everything that we do and work towards improving the health of community.

I earnestly hope, that in the times to come Aakash healthcare - Super Speciality hospital will become a repository of medical expertise, where each passing day Aakashians provide the highest-quality of care to our patients.

Together with the people of Aakash Healthcare, anything is possible.


Mr. J. C. Chaudhry



A key distinguisher for any blossoming society is how well the healthcare needs of its people are answered. In contemporary times. there is an imperative need to provide quality healthcare to everyone, without discrimination.

Aakash Healthcare - Super Speciality Hospital aspires to be recognised for having the most satisfied patients by providing the best possible treatment, with experienced doctors, compassionate medical staff, and superior technology.

We put our patients first and strive to have great impact on their lives.We firmly believe in giving compassionate care, extending an empathetic hand to everyone in need.


Dr. Aashish Chaudhry