Liver transplants are the standard line of treatment for most cases of end-stage liver disease, and they have saved many a life since the early 1980s. Did you know that back in those days, all liver transplantation was done with the livers of deceased donor livers? Even the best liver transplant hospital in Delhi did not begin live liver transplants till this century but today, the country’s best liver surgeons are in Delhi. >

Live liver transplants were borne out of necessity as the number of patients who needed transplantation began to increase, however, the number of deceased donors was far too less. Almost every liver transplant hospital in Delhi and the world at large had long lists of people waiting for a deceased liver donor to come around but it wasn’t possible.

Living donor liver transplants were developed as a solution to this demand and supply problem, initially, only adults donated their livers to children but today adults can donate to other adults. The liver transplant scene has advanced tremendously through breakthroughs in transplant techniques and technology, and these advances in liver surgery coupled with the liver’s own astonishing ability to regenerate, have made this procedure a conventional albeit truly life-saving fact in the modern world.

If you’re considering donating your liver or wish to visit a liver transplant surgery in Delhi, do visit a liver specialist (in Delhi) beforehand to better understand what it involves for you.

Are there any benefits of a live donor liver transplant?

In India, there are about 30 functional and recognised liver transplant centres that perform more than a hundred transplants yearly. Although more than 3000 liver transplants are performed every year in India, patients still die every year stuck on waiting lists. Deceased livers are allocated to waiting patients on how sick they are, and sicker patients get priority, but the others’ conditions worsen. Live liver donations provide any patient the chance of getting a liver transplant before their health deteriorates and they become a very sick category, it reduces the time they’d have to wait for a donated liver.

You can visit any liver specialist in Delhi or anywhere but the choice always lies in a patient’s hands, the procedure will be planned well before it is supposed to be performed. Live liver donor transplants also have a very short cold ischemia time; the time a liver is artificially preserved without blood. Livers received from living donors are of excellent quality as the donors are thoroughly examined and evaluated, only being allowed to go ahead and donate if they are in good health. Living donors save two lives with one donation; that of the recipient and of a patient who has no other option but to wait for a deceased liver donor on a waiting list.

Can you be a living donor?

It is preferred that an eligible transplant candidate receive the liver from a living family member or relative. If you wish to become a donor yourself, there are many criteria you’ll have to meet to become a living donor. If you meet the requirements below and are interested in a living donor liver transplant, reach our liver specialists and surgeons. They will guide you through the process and all that it entails. To become a living donor, you’ll need to be in good physical and mental shape, aged not less than 18 and no more than 55. Your body mass index (BMI) should not be more than 35, and your blood type must be compatible with the recipient. You’ll also need to be free of significant organ diseases like kidney disease or heart disease, for instance, any malignancy like a form of cancer is a no-go, hepatitis and chronic infections will also render you unable to donate. Active substance users cannot become living donors either.

We’ll provide you all the support we can professionally and of course, with a personal touch, but you’ll have to have yourself a strong support system, be it family, friends, or partners, who you can rely on for any emotional and certainly for physical needs during your recovery.

Finally, the donation of all organs by any living donor has to be completely voluntary. It is illegal to buy and sell organs in India and you should do it free of any pressure associated with the donation.

The donation process involves evaluation, surgery, and recovery. As a donor, you need to be fully aware of the risk liver donation carries and all the details within the donation process. Any credible liver transplant hospital in Delhi will have your safety as the primary goal all through the donation process, and our living donor program is premised on exactly this. Donor safety is the most important criterion in the selection of the liver donor. At Aakash Healthcare, you’ll have a dedicated donor care team for you, with some of the best liver specialists in Delhi and the surgeons in Delhi at your disposal, we can also get you in touch with a person who has donated; a “transplant mentor” who will share their own experience with you. Any potential liver donor needs to know what live liver donation entails, and learning about it from real-life savers can definitely help.

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