Sharing practical advice on Covid home management for paediatric population based on current guidelines.

Don’t panic on getting a positive report:

Almost 98% get through without major issues. Children are found to have less severe disease than adults.

Keep a thermometer and a pulse oximeter:

Monitor oxygen levels in older children as the probe may not detect saturation well in small babies and infants. Oxygen levels should be above 94% at any point of time.


Make sure they drink enough fluids and keep them well hydrated. Encourage fluids like water/ORS/coconut water/ juices at room temperature. Light Urine colour and frequent urination is a good indicator.


Give well balanced diet include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid cold and sour items which can precipitate sore throat in children.

Medications to be taken:

There is no specific medication for COVID, its only symptomatic medication. Only 3 vitamins are found to be beneficial: Zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D. Doses vary according to age, so consult doctor for the same.


If your child has any co morbidities like, asthma/ chronic lung disease/ heart disease/ prolonged steroid use/ post-transplant state/diabetes mellitus/ any immunodeficient state then inform the doctor as they are more prone for severe disease


Isolation of children is a bit difficult task especially small one. They can stay with covid positive parents . If both parents are affected the person with less severe symptoms should monitor the child. Older children can be isolated if they do not have physical/ mental disability.


Breastfeeding to be continued in all infants unless mother has severe disease. Most of the medication prescribed for lactating mothers are safe for babies. However proper precaution while feeding like double mask and strict hand wash before feeding should be practiced.


Which indicate severe COVID or COVID related complications in children are:

-  Persistent High fever >102F lasting for more than 5 days

- Severe cough/Respiratory difficulty/Oxygen levels less than 94%

-  Markedly Reduced oral intake / reduced urine output

- Persistent vomiting/ Severe diarrhoea

-  Lethargy or Drowsiness /Abnormal movements of the body

-  Urticarial rashes / Generalised body Swelling


Do not self-medicate or overdo the so-called immunity boosters like Kaadha. Reach out to your Paediatrician on video consult, better if they are with associated with Covid hospital facility so that they can help u in getting bed and critical care if need be.

RT-PCR can be false negative with the current strain so do not have false sense of security. If any symptom is present (fever, bodyache, headache, running nose, diarrhoea, vomiting, sore throat, cough, loss of smell or taste etc.) then immediately isolate the person at home, take precautions n monitor like we would for Covid patient.

No Test needed to CHECK if you have become Negative unless required for your official purpose/ as per Paediatrician advice

Stay positive – you’ll get through this. Healing wishes to all!!

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