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Eye trauma treatment is often an emergency as delaying treatment can lead to vision loss and eye injuries can be very uncomfortable.

At Aakash Eyecare, we pride ourselves with providing the best eye injury treatment as we are equipped with CT scan machine, have availability of an anesthesia team round the clock and often provide eye trauma care in conjunction with our orthopedic doctors and cardiologists.

All eye injuries however, do not require surgery. Some like foreign bodies on the cornea or scratches on the front surface of the eyes just require removal of the foreign body, medication to make you comfortable and prevent an infection from developing in the eye. Deeper injuries, howerever, my need emergency surgical treatment.

Holi colour going into eyes is a common occurrence during the festival and can be serious enough to cause chemical injury to the eye requiring amniotic membrane grafting as was done to a child treated by us. Taking care of our eyes during festivals like Holi, Dussehra and Diwali is very important.

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