The old sayings “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” or “eat your breakfast like a king” are not unmerited to say the least. Our bodies, especially those of our children require a proper and substantial amount of nutrition after fasting for over nine to ten hours (from dinner the night before to breakfast the next morning). This meal is particularly important for children as their bodies and brain are still developing and proper nutrients is of paramount importance yet about thirty percent of all kids and adolescents skip this meal. First things first , if you’re pacing a tiffin for your kid , chances are he/she will have nobody to make sure they have it or in other words they can simply give an unenjoyable tiffin to their friends and not have the food you so lovingly packed for them. It is important for you to make your child understand why breakfast is important and then back it up with meals that your kids will genuinely enjoy. 

School usually begins by 8 am in India and most kids will have a glass of milk at best before setting out , this effectively stretches the time gap between dinner and breakfast to almost twelve hours, therefore load that tiffin up with all the nutrients from all the five food groups, a growing child requires. It’s not particularly important that your child consumes eggs, though having this in breakfast is better for high protein .Complex carbohydrate foods and a fruit are good for gradual sugar release through the day, which will keep your child full and energised till lunchtime. 

Listed here are some options for an action packed tiffin:  

Eggs Based - “Sunday or Monday, Roz Khaao Ande” is an idiom of India and with good reason. Eggs are a global staple and are enjoyable in so many forms and pack a full punch of protein and other essential nutrients. The protein in egg will help build the body muscle and tissues while egg yolks contain antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin that are great for the brain and eyes. Also when compared to something inadequate like cereal or a vegetable sandwich; eggs are protein and this keep your child full. Go ahead and whip up some tasty omelette and put vegetables in it for taste and more nutrition, boiled eggs with healthy bread and some butter along with a tomato will provide a great balanced meal. Eggs can also be made into paratha rolls which can also contain vegetables inside. You can even make wholewheat pancakes which contain egg and mix some chocolate to render tasty chocolate pancakes. Remember the key is to mix egg combinations as children can get tired of the same.  

Whole grains - you’ll see many bread options under this name and they are definitely better than the industry produced breads (both white and brown). A whole grain basically contains all three parts of a grain namely bran, germ and endosperm together and includes brown rice, oats, quinoa, sorghum and millets. World class athletes and nutritionists swear by breakfast options that include wholegrain as they boast a high level of fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins. Whole grain coupled with protein is as good a meal as you can hope your child and other members get. Studies have shown consuming whole grain thrice a day can lead to weight loss and reduced BMI.  

Some options for whole grain tiffin:  

Good old stuffed paratha- made from whole wheat flour stuffed with paneer or dal or sattu served with cucumber and hung curd dip. 

Paneer capsicum wraps, rajma or Chana wraps are great fillers and rich in protein and all essential nutrients and fiber. Along with a cucumber and a fruit would be added advantageous. 

Mixed veg idlis, appams, adai, ragi / besan / oats or atta cheelas that includes grated vegetables served with some chutney or thick curds are good as healthy options Oat Jars- like those tasty yet calorific dessert jars only healthier. Mix around one fourth of a cup (26 grams) of dry oats and half a cup (120 ml) of any type of milk in a small glass jar. Layer with some nuts, chia seeds, and dried and/or fresh fruit. Leave the jar in the fridge and let the oats soften overnight, these jars can be made using many combinations and taste great.  

Quinoa is a fantastic source of protein and in fact contains more protein than many meat based options. Now don’t go around making a quinoa salad for children but something like a quinoa porridge or poha can be a big hit with the kids. Quinoa is gluten free and can be paired further with antioxidants containing food like berries or pumpkin to provide a great well balanced tiffin.  

Sandwiches are loved by children and adults alike, basically everyone. Make sure to at least use bread bought from a baker rather than from a mass producer if you can’t buy whole grain for some reason. Fill the sandwich up with tomatoes, cheese (dairy cheese), meat (clean lean cuts not proceeded) and drizzle with homemade sauces. Hummus is another great protein source and hummus sandwiches are equally delicious. Use different breads like baguette, flat or square breads in case your child is unpleased with a recurring shape.  

Pasta, if made using wholewheat pasta, can provide everything in one bowl. The carbohydrates required will lie in the pasta, the protein can be afforded by some meat based option and if not then two eggs can be mixed into the pasta sauce and nobody will tell the difference. Make sure you prepare the sauce at home and grind in those veggies to provide minerals and vitamins. 

Remember that children like variety and trying new things, just make sure they get the same nourishment albeit in new shapes. 

with Ms. Anuja Gaur


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