It’s not the same for everyone.

It is an unavoidable truth that all of us have to be more careful about our health as we grow older, our bodies are not as capable as they once were, but taking some measures can surely help us mitigate the potential pitfalls of aging.

Being a woman, your health risks will change with the advancement of time. What may have been an issue when you were twenty might not necessarily be a concern when you’re forty years old, and that’s completely fine as long as you know what to be careful of and look out for. Here are some common health risks women face after the age of 40. Knowing what you can expect will only enable you to live better, and longer.

Heart Diseases

If you didn’t know already, we’ll remind you that heart diseases are the leading cause of death in women aged 40 and over! More than half of our patients who seek the best cardiologists in Dwarka are women!! This figure would be true for all hospitals that are offering heart treatment in Dwarka. This is an extremely serious issue ladies, we regret to inform you. So, you need to identify the signs and causes of heart disease and prevent this from developing into a major risk. The usual factors are poor eating habits and smoking, which definitely cause heart disease and hugely increase the risk of having a heart attack.

Vitamin Deficiency

Having any kind of vitamin deficiency can be a problem at any age, particularly with a bad diet. Unfortunately, vitamin deficiencies become much more common in women as they age and can be the reason behind many symptoms and associated conditions. Vitamin D deficiency, in particular, is most prevalent and can lead to increased bone-mass loss (after the age of 40, this happens naturally to women, but is even faster if they have vitamin D deficiency) and Osteoporosis. Low vitamin D has recently been linked to depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Other potential deficiencies are iron, riboflavin, and vitamin B.

Breast Cancer

The number of women seeking cancer treatment in Dwarka has increased manifold over the past decade and this is because breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the risk of a woman developing breast cancer increases significantly between the ages of 30 and 40. Many factors like diet, general health, and living environment can contribute to the chances of developing breast cancer, but age is definitely a factor. When 30, a woman is at significantly lower risk of developing breast cancer than she’d be at 40. In only 10 years the risk grows exponentially. This can be mitigated through regular breast exams that you can do to some degree by yourself and those that are performed by a doctor. You can sign up for annual mammography in Dwarka and reduce your chances of developing breast cancer, and improve your chances of beating it as you’d likely catch it early if you’re careful.

Accidental Pregnancies

Women can still get pregnant after 40! Many women believe that after 40, birth control is not necessary anymore as they won’t get pregnant. This is certainly not true. Everybody is different, and there is no hard and fast age when a woman won’t or can’t get pregnant. Though pregnancy over 40 is possible, it’s not very advisable.

Women aged 40 and above need to be well aware of the potential risks to themselves and their babies. Problems with labor, worsening of pre-existing conditions (diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure), or even pre-eclampsia can happen and the risks of the child having some genetic abnormalities are also increased. So, use protection, and if you want to have a child consult the best gynaecologists in Dwarka, right here at Aakash Healthcare.

Risk of Diabetes

The risk of developing diabetes has increased exponentially in women at 40 or older. Weight and diet also play a key role. A healthy diet and regular exercise can undo the effects of pre-diabetes. Getting tests is easy, so don’t delay for too long.


More women suffer strokes than men. And most of us aren’t too bothered by the risks of stroke either. This is unfortunate but true. Women who are over 40 are at much greater risk, especially if they have HRT (hormone replacement therapy) like taking estrogen) during and after menopause.

Just remember the warning signs of stroke known as FAST.

  • Face: If one side of the face droops when you try to smile, it is likely to be a stroke.
  • Ask: Ask the person to lift their arms; if they drop them or can’t hold them up, it is likely a stroke.
  • Speech: if a person can’t repeat a simple phrase and the words are slurred, or speech is off, it may be a stroke.
  • Time: Call an ambulance immediately if you observe any of these symptoms!

There is a “golden hour” in stroke treatment, the first hour from the symptoms beginning is most effective for survival and recovery.

So be careful, remember these points, live better, and share with your friends!!

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