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Skin Care Home Remedies

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has recently amended the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Bill , 2020, which seeks to ban any adverts that promise fairer glowing skin (fairness creams), drinks that increase the height of children , anti-ageing creams, hair revival or anti greying products to name a few. For years and years, products like Ponds fairness creams have mislead generations of people; first showing them that their skin isn’t fine and then indeed fair is the only lovely: which only these creams can provide. All these tall claims are unfounded and the cosmetic industry is getting called out for its propaganda. 

So, forget the industrially produced and chemically induced, nothing truly beneficial comes out of factories but home is where the start (of skincare) is. 

Our skin is what covers us and protects us; a favour we must return to it. Home remedies are hands down the best and most cost-effective ways to ensure your skin stays healthy, using products that you would definitely buy for your kitchen and home. 

Potatoes, yes, your favourite vegetable can also become your favourite skincare product now. Raw potato juice is laden with vitamin C and helps vastly improve the glow and tone of your skin as it has bleach like properties. The starch content reduces dark spots and dark circles. You can either mash a potato into a face pack and leave on for fifteen minutes or cut fine thin slices and leave on your eyes for dark circle removal. You may even want to try mixing your potatoes with rose water and honey, make a mask and leave on for ten to fifteen minutes, do it every other day and see the results!

Honey, yes honey! You can open a honey jar even if it was packed in 1870 or before; honey has no expiry date nor does it have any ill effects whatsoever. An immense antibacterial agent, simply applying it straight on to your face will help avoid pimples, acne, zits and its bleaching properties will preserve skin integrity. Milk (or cream) combined with honey in equal parts is a winning combination, the honey moisturises while the milk brightens your skin. Just mix the two and rub gently on your skin, leave it on for fifteen minutes and voila! Honey and cinnamon combined are helpful for avoiding active acne. 

Milk consumed by all (except the lactose intolerant) and available in every household. Melanin is responsible for skin darkening and a hormone known as Tyrosine secrets melanin, milk keeps tyrosine secretions at bay, therefore prevents darkening. All in all, milk is a great fairness agent. The milk and honey combo have already been mentioned above for its brightening and moisturising properties. Just remember to wash your face with water and dry it before applying the concoction. 

Besan, makes pakoras out of even ladyfingers and contains gram flour; which is an all-natural exfoliant that removes dead skin layers and allows new and healthier new to replace them. Want vibrant glowing skin? Go besan.

 Turmeric is mentioned somewhere in the vedas for its all-round healing properties and is basically a solution to almost all problems Indians face. Turmeric contains a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent known as Curcumin, this reinvigorates dull and grumpy skin, revitalises skin complexion and tone, benefits skin even if consumed with warm milk. A concoction of turmeric (one teaspoon), lime juice (two teaspoons) and dahi (one teaspoon) can do wonders, applied gently over your face and left for fifteen minutes, washed off with cold water gently and done twice or thrice a week; perfect skin tone and balance. 

Lemons, when life gives you lemons; you avoid hyperpigmentation! Lemons are laden with vitamin C, a clinically proven interrupter of the enzyme called Tyrosine (the one that stimulates melanin). This will help avoid pigmentation and afford a nice and balanced tone to your skin. 

Yoghurt, healthy and flavourful, great for the body and soul, also a great bleaching agent. Forget the chemical bleaches that you regret using immediately after applying, this cooling soothing (also edible) bleach is all you need to keep your glow and skin tone in order as it will remove dark and dead skin only to replace it with a new and healthy layer. You can simply apply a spoon or two directly from the container on to your face. 

Cucumber, the cool saviour in summer, known for its dietary benefits for centuries, and is more similar to your skin than you know!? Wait, what? Yes, cucumbers contain the same pH level as your skin and when applied regularly; help replenish and conserve the skin’s natural acid levels, ensuring it stays bright and radiant.

These are but a few skin-care remedies, follow this space for more.

Dr. Pooja Chopra

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