The sudden rain shower during peak summer is quite unusual. But it brings us smiles by curving down the burning temperature, relieving us and making the surrounding more pleasant. 

But there is also another side to this. Midsummer rains also welcome a lot of problems that can have an impact on our health. 

In this blog, we will dive into both advantages and disadvantages of midsummer rains so you can enjoy these freakish showers while keeping your health.

Pros of midsummer rains

  • Good for Skin

We all enjoy the rain. But did you know that every drop of rain has a natural healing power? Since ancient times, rain has been considered a healing and rejuvenating agent for the face. Even now, some experts also believe that rainwater is good for facial care.

Rainwater has many useful properties. It is adequately absorbed by the body and helps maintain moisture in the skin. Having good hydration in the skin makes it young and elastic. 

  • Healing Sound

The rain also spreads freshness around, filling us with joy and tranquillity. Even after the rain, you can walk around your home or in a park with your family. This gives relaxation to many and improves mood.

The sound of rain also has a positive effect on mental health. The surreal and simple melodic sound of raindrops is very soothing to us. Its regular and predictable sound is very calming. That’s not all! It has many other benefits too. Here are some of them:

  • Contributes to quality sleep

Some studies show that listening to the sound of rain helps improve sleep. That’s because the sound of rain masks other sharp environmental noises. Since it also improves peace of mind, it helps in getting good sleep.

  • Provide relaxation

The sound of rain has a meditative rhythm that gives relaxation to us. This natural sound clears the mind by masking the disturbing sounds in our surroundings. Also, rain makes the grass greener, which relaxes our nerves when they perceive that tone.

  • Boost concentration

The sound of rain is believed to be good for improving concentration and peace of mind. Many people have also claimed that their creativity improves while it’s raining.

  • Improve mood

The calming sound of rain and the invigorating and refreshing smell of wet soil help lower anxiety. Thus, improving your mood.

Cons of midsummer rains

  • Welcomes infection

The sudden changes from dry to humid to dry weather lead to the arrival of viral and bacterial infections. Also, we become more vulnerable to diseases as the sudden change in weather affects the body’s ability to adjust to temperature differences. Cold, cough and fever are common health conditions that affect this weather.

  • It turns out to be idle

Though the rainy season makes us excited, we often end up sleeping or loafing all day.

  • Threat of mosquitos

Midsummer rains often lead to the accumulation of stagnant water, which provides mosquitoes with a better breeding ground. Mosquitos can lead to dengue, malaria and other infections. 

  • Limited social life

Heavy rains may restrict your routine life and fun plans. This may disrupt social life and may also lead to loneliness, which is not good for mental health.  

Final take!

Rain during peak summertime brings along a pretty temperature that many of us like. Rain has a calming and melodious sound that has a range of benefits for us. But it’s essential to care for yourself and your loved ones as rain often leads to water accumulation that invites various diseases. So, seek medical attention if you see any symptoms in yourself or anyone you know.

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