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Do's & Dont's During Pregnancy


Having a child is akin to celebrating life itself and some might even say, it is the very embodim

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Acute Congestive Glaucoma

Acute congestive glaucoma


In case one experiences such symptoms, one should move to bright light and immediately show an ey

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Newly Delivered Mothers

An important message for the newly delivered mothers | COVID-19


Situations like these are difficult to eradicate and prevent in the times to come.

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Coronavirus & Kidney Disease


Covid-19 is a type (strain) of coronavirus.

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Squint in Children


Squint is misalignment of the eyes, where the two eyes are pointed towards different directions.

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SMILE Vs Lasik


SMILE is a minimal invasive technique in which a key hole of 2mm size is created on the corneal s

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Eye Care Measures for Our Changing Lifestyles


With our changing lifestyles a new plethora of eye diseases have cropped up.

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